Rubyconf Philippines

March 27-28, 2015
Boracay Island

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Join us for the 2nd Ruby Conference in the Philippines. Get to know the vibrant local community in two days of sun, sand, and Ruby.


Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center
Boat Station 2, Main Road
Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan 5608

Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center
Boracay Island

The Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center in Boracay will be our conference venue and hotel for the 2015 RubyConfPH.

Located off Station 2’s Main Road, it is just a few minutes away from the famous White Beach and D’Mall, Boracay’s main entertainment and shopping area. Resort facilities include the Boracay Oceanarium, home of the world’s largest pearl; the WaveRider, Philippines’ first surfing pool; and an aquarium where you can swim like a mermaid.

How to get there

The 2 airports near Boracay Island are Caticlan (MPH) and Kalibo (KLO). Caticlan Jetty Port is 5 minutes away from Caticlan Airport and 80 minutes away from Kalibo Airport. From Caticlan Jetty Port, a boat will take you to Boracay Island in 10 minutes.

There are a lot of flights from Manila (MNL) to Caticlan and Kalibo. Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Seair have flights to both Caticlan and Kalibo. Air Asia flies to Kalibo only. Tigerair has limited flights from Singapore to Kalibo.

Regular flights from Manila to Kalibo are around Php 4,400 roundtrip but the price can go as low as Php 1,800 for promo fares at Cebu Pacific. Philippine Airlines have good prices even to Caticlan. You can mix and match your airlines for the best price.

International attendees will need to change in Manila (MNL). Allot 2 hours or more between your flights since you have to check-in again and you might have to transfer to a different terminal.

The conference is on Friday and Saturday, welcome drinks on Thursday night (March 26). You're at the beach so consider staying an extra day before and/or after the conference.


Book here to get the following rates.

Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center

Deluxe Room Php 5,000 net/ night
Junior Suite (Loft Type) Php 5,500 net/ night
Penthouse Php 8,000 net/ night

Crown Regency Resort Annex

Superior Room Php 3,700 net/ night
Deluxe Room Php 3,900 net/ night

*Prices quoted include breakfast buffet for two

Extra Person

Maximum of two pax/ room
Rate per person is Php 1,000 net/ night
No extra bed set-up but buffet breakfast included

Roundtrip Land and Boat Transfers

From Caticlan (MPH) Php 1,225 net/ person
From Kalibo (KLO) Php 1,725 net/ person

NOTE: Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center is DIFFERENT from Crown Regency Prince Resort (Station 1, non-beachfront), Crown Regency Beach Resort (Station 3, beachfront) and Boracay Regency Beach Resort & Spa (Station 2, beachfront).


  • Allan Espinosa

    Allan Espinosa

    Allan runs large scale web infrastructure at Rakuten's internal Platform as a Service Cloud platform. He contributes in various DevOps tooling around Chef particularly open source Chef cookbooks. He advocates introducing quality to infrastructure code by providing extensive unit and functional tests.

  • Assaf Gelber

    Assaf Gelber

    Assaf is a developer at the eBay Israel Innovation Center, a small team focused on creating the best products possible all the while working on various gems and side projects. As an amateur poker player, Assaf often likes to mix between the above.

  • Danish Khan

    Danish Khan

    Danish finds teaching to be enjoyable and helps out at some of the local user groups. He currently resides in the beautiful city of San Francisco. He works at GitHub a company that helps developers work better together than alone. We also sell stickers & t-shirts.

  • Hiro Asari

    Hiro Asari

    Hiro Asari is a software developer at Travis CI GmbH and strong believer in open source. When he is not coding, he is found spending time with his family or appreciating fine beers of the world.

  • Joshua Lat

    Joshua Lat

    Joshua Lat serves as the Scrum Master, Full-Stack Developer, and Infrastructure Engineer of Deal Grocer, Taste Central, and BeautyMNL. In the past, he's known for winning the Kaspersky International Cup 2012 which made him interested in IT Security and E-commerce. When not playing NBA 2K15, he builds tools for himself to make his everyday life easier.

  • Koichi Sasada

    Koichi Sasada

    Koichi Sasada is a programmer, mainly developing Ruby interpreter (CRuby/MRI). He received Ph.D (Information Science and Technology) from the University of Tokyo, 2007. As first job, he was a faculty of University of Tokyo (Assistant associate 2006-2008, Assistant professor 2008-2012). After the 13 years life in university, now, he is a member of Matz's team in Heroku, Inc. He is also a director of Ruby Association.

  • PJ Hagerty

    PJ Hagerty

    A Ruby developer for the last several years, PJ currently works at Engine Yard as a Community Engineer. Additionally, he organizes the Western New York Ruby Brigade. Traveling to conferences and Ruby meet ups around the US and Canada, PJ likes to spread the word on the importance of community and coding, stressing the importance of outreach and focusing on the human side of being a coder.

  • Philip Arndt

    Philip Arndt

    Kiwi programmer and Director of Ruby at Manuka Coalition, Philip is deeply interested in open source, travelling with his wife, sunshine and great food, making the Philippines a perfect fit - and not just because it starts with 'Philip'. Current President of Ruby New Zealand.

  • Radamanthus Batnag

    Radamanthus Batnag

    Rad deals with crazy Passengers, wild Unicorns, and zombie Sidekiqs in his day job as a member of Engine Yard’s Support team.

  • Richard Schneeman

    Richard Schneeman

    Richard writes Ruby at Heroku and maintains When he isn't obsessively compulsively playing Starcraft 2, he writes such gems as Wicked, Sextant, and oPRO. Richard is a member of the Rails issue team, and is married to Ruby, literally.

  • Steven Talcott Smith

    Steven Talcott Smith

    Steven is the founder of AELOGICA. He is the author of Level UP - How to Become a Great Professional Software Developer. Steven fell in love with Ruby in 2006 and has enjoyed a 25 year career in IT. He is the developer of Express Templates and lives with his family in Manila, Philippines and Lake Tahoe in the US.

  • Terence Lee

    Terence Lee

    Terence leads Heroku's Ruby Task Force curating the Ruby experience on the platform. He also works some OSS projects such as Ruby (the language), Bundler, as well as helping with the Rails Girls movement. When he's not going to an awesome Heroku or Ruby event, he lives in Austin, TX, the taco capital of America. Terence loves Friday hugs, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Give him a big one when you see him! In addition to hugs, he believes in getting people together for #rubykaraoke.

  • Vipul Amler

    Vipul Amler

    Vipul works as a Software Consultant at BigBinary LLC. He is an avid Rails and Ruby Projects Contributor. His spare time is spent exploring and contributing to many Open Source ruby projects, when not dabbling with Clojure or React JS. Vipul loves Ruby's vibrant community and helps in building PuneRb, is the founder of and runs RubyIndia Community Newsletter and RubyIndia Podcast, and is an organiser for Deccan Ruby Conference.

  • Yuki Nishijima

    Yuki Nishijima

    Yuki is a Japanese Rubyist who was raised in Tokyo and used to live in Manila where he spent a year learning English. He is a maintainer of kaminari, the creator of did_you_mean, and a frequent contributor to many open source projects including Rails. He lives in New York, NY and works at Pivotal Labs NYC office to transform how the world builds software.

  • Yuki Sasada

    Yuki Sasada

    Rails Web developer and the organizer of RailsGirls Tokyo. One of the authors of "Heroku for professionals (Japanese book" and a reviewer of the translation of "Ruby under a Microscope" Japanese version. She is working in Manyo (Everyleaf) corporation.



  • ÆLOGICA is the premier Ruby on Rails and mobile development company with operations in the Philippines.

    ÆLOGICIANS are a dedicated team of professional developers, designers, enthusiasts and problem-solvers with a passionate drive to make customers happy. Together, they create excellent and extraordinary material - from websites to mobile applications - for customers around the world.


  • We're are a team of Rails, media and mobile experts who are passionate about building a great product and learning new technologies.

    We've created an online video interviewing platform that helps employers make better and faster shortlisting decisions in their candidate screening process.

    We're looking for exceptional and like-minded Rails developers to join our team - learn more.


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